Saturday, February 20, 2010

Introducing Annie . . .

I wish you could meet Annie. Actually, I wish I could meet Annie! And I'm planning to, next weekend. Although I haven't met Annie face to face yet, I know this about her:

Annie is a high school senior who has a heart for missions. In fact, she wants to be a missionary nurse. She's not just a talker. She really means it. Annie wants God to use her.

For her senior project, she chose to do something that would make a difference, something that fit in with her passion. So next weekend, this teenage girl, not yet out of high school, is putting on a fundraiser to raise money for medical needs for orphans in Africa. In fact, she was in my son Justin's junior high youth group, and knew that he is involved with Redeemer House Orphanage, so she is choosing to donate her funds to Redeemer House for the medical needs of our kids!

Wow! What Annie didn't know when she chose Redeemer House is that we have a little girl, Sarah, 6 years old, who needs extensive dental surgery. She has three rows of teeth coming in, one behind the other, and sometimes it causes her a lot of pain. When I found out about her teeth, I had no idea how we would pay for the surgeries that needs to be done, but she is one of our kids, and we need to take care of her. We just don't have the funds for something like this, so I asked the Lord to provide it. Next thing I know, Annie is planning an amazing fundraiser! She had no idea what a direct answer to prayer she was. But God - God knew! We have no idea how much Sarah's surgeries will cost, or how much Annie's fundraiser will bring in, but if is more than needed for Sarah, we will have funds for the rest of the kids' medical needs. They are often sick, partly because they were so malnourished before they came to Redeemer House. They all get malaria, and last year three of them were so sick that if they has still been living on the streets, with no medical treatment, they almost certainly would have died. But God had other plans for them! Their medical needs have been a big budget item, in a small budget. Yes, those funds will be put to good use!

Annie is planning a Black Tie Pancake Supper at the Community Center in Yreka, CA, next Saturday, February 27. There will be an auction with some great items and a slide show, and she has asked me to share a few words about Redeemer House. It has been a big job to put it all together. She has some great people working with her to help make it happen. She has spoken at area churches, schools, and service groups about her project, which she calls Change for Children, and the local media has shared her project. If you're anywhere close, please join us. It's gonna be fun! And please pray for Annie as she finishes up all the last-minute details!

It's amazing to see how God is already using Annie to make a difference for the kids of Africa. I can hardly wait to see where her heart to serve God will take her. I will be watching, and I will be praying for her and for those her lives will bless. Like mine. Like Sarah's. Like all the kids of Redeemer House. You never know what God will do though you when you say yes. I'm so glad Annie said yes. And I'm so glad I get to meet her next weekend!


  1. Yay! Go God! Annie is a sweet and I look forward to you being here!

  2. What a blessing! It is such a delight to see young adults using their time, talents and energy to serve others and advance the Kingdom!

  3. awesome. i pray my children have this passion to say yes to His calling!!

    you do never know what He'll accomplish through you and in you when you say YES!

    thanks for visiting my blog and the encouraging words. i recognize you now as Justin's mom! i loved getting to know your son and daughter in law while there! Shauna has been a blessing!!!

  4. What a beautiful heart she has.

    Just found your blog and I am looking forward to following it.

  5. Kathy, thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your kind words. I've just had a minute to read your blog and am amazed at what God is doing in your life and through your ministry.

    It's such an encouragement to read about young people like Annie. I'll be praying about your upcoming trip--for safety and peace and wisdom.

    God Bless,