Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Heading to Uganda, Needing Some Prayer!

Because of some developments at the orphanage in the last several days, it has become evident that I (Kathy) need to travel to Uganda to deal with some issues over there. I had not planned to return to Uganda for a few months, and had hoped to travel with a team, but to tell the truth, I am really excited to be heading over soon. I will be working with a lawyer to finalize our registration as a Ugandan-recognized NGO (non-government organization). I will also be dealing with the issue of whether we will be staying in the house we are now in, or moving to new quarters, along with getting paperwork in order and a few other of the many things that are so hard to deal with from this side of the ocean.

Elysia, our American gal-on-the-ground in Uganda, recently contracted malaria, and has come home for a couple of months. She is enjoying some much-needed time with her family. Please pray that this would be a time of real physical and spiritual refreshment for her before she heads back to the trenches, back to the kids who have grown to love her so much.

Some specific things you can pray about with us:
  • Wisdom for the issues we will be taking care of while we are there.
  • Wisdom for the Board as they make the decisions that guide our ministry.
  • Good contacts in Uganda with people who can come along side Redeemer House as ministry partners there.
  • My travel arrangments. I purchased a ticket to leave March 4th, and just received notice that the flight has been cancelled. I can't deal with it until business hours tomorrow.
  • My job situation. I have asked for a leave of absence from my job. (I work as an RN in a small community hospital.) If my employer can't grant me the leave, I will be resigning my position so that I can go, and then looking for work when I come back. (I plan to be gone about 3 months.)
  • Finances, both for me personally and for the orphanage. (I recently read: "If it's God's will, it's God's bill." Redeemer House is His orphanage, and I know He will provide!)
  • For our Ugandan employees who care for the children, and of course,
  • For the kids themselves! I am SO excited to be seeing them soon!  
If the things that we will be dealing with while I am there were easy, I would not be heading over now. God never promised that following Him would be easy, just that He would always be with us. He is The Faithful One! He has called us to follow Him, to stand up for justice, and to care for the orphans of this world. May we be faithful in doing just that!


  1. I am so excited to see what God does in and through you in this time! I am so excited to see what He does with His orphanage. We will be Skyping!!