Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We now return with a word from our sponsor . . .

I thought the hardest blog to write would be the first one, because I just didn’t know where to start. However, I’ve found that picking it up again after dropping the ball for a while is every bit as hard! Things got a little crazy – and a bit difficult - after my last post in April. Since then:
• We have had three mission teams visit us and bless us at Redeemer House.
• We let our mama go.
• We’ve gotten temporary care orders from the government for our kids – Hooray!
• We’ve looked at land to purchase for our orphanage.
• Teacher Henry has been added to our staff – a great blessing!
• The first adoption of one of our kids is in process!!!
• We have welcomed three new kids to the Redeemer House family – one of whom has since been restored to his family.
• In the process of helping two widows start a business, we got into the pig raising business (with 3 pigs).
• I went home in June to visit my family and friends in America.
• Two new grandbabies joined my family in America this summer (proud Grandma beaming as she posts)!
• I returned to Uganda in September with Anna, a 19-year old who is volunteering for 3 months at Redeemer House.
• One of our original Redeemer House girls, Annet, returned to her extended family.
• Many people in America have blessed us through fundraisers, sponsorships, visits, gifts for the children, and all kinds of support and encouragement.
• Through it all, our God has shown Himself faithful to this ministry and the children of Uganda!!!
Each of these could be a blog post of its own (or several posts), and I will revisit some of them in the future. I have dozens of posts bumping around in my over-full head, and it seems that time is always an issue. There are so many, many God stories! I really want to share more of them with you! The kids are thriving, and blessing me every day. There have been some challenging times, some sad times, and yet . . . I am so glad to be here, doing what I am doing, serving a God who has given all for me, loving the children He loves so much!


  1. SO glad for this post! I have been praying. Not sure why Redeemer house has my heart but it does(since I do not personally know you or anyone involved with your orphanage). Never know what God has in store so I'll keep praying. BLESSINGS!!!!!!!

  2. So good to hear that things are going well for you and the orphanage. I am getting together a sponsorship day at the church and would love for your orphanage to be involved. Let me know and we will figure out the details.

  3. Thank you for inviting us into your thoughts. Yes, please keep going and letting us know what is happening, also be sure to tell us how we can pray for you, the ministry and the kids in your care.
    My heart jumped and I nearly cried when I opened your page and saw all the beautiful faces in the picture! Wow, what a beautiful group of kids!
    "You can count all the apples in a single tree but only God can count all the trees that will come from a single apple"- not sure coined that phrase but it was what came to my mind when I saw the kids.
    I can only imagine what God is going to do with and through each of their precious lives! How many lives will each child change? Thank you, Lord!

  4. Oh how I love all these things. And I love reading it over and over....so keep posting!!! I love you and those kids whom I've never met, but I have a heart connection, especially to my precious daughter Esther!!!

  5. I’ve misses you Kathy! It is so good to catch up with you! How are you doing?